Lotus Veda is all about handmade fabrics, home textiles, and sustainable clothing. The brand focuses on textile development and takes great pride in marrying traditional and modern sensibilities while upholding the highest ethical & environmental standards. The textiles we develop at Lotus Veda are an expression of the diverse Indian culture through colours, designs, and craftsmanship. It is with great pleasure that we work with handloom and handcrafted textiles in many parts of India. It allows for innovation and experimentation on a very intuitive and personal level. Each piece is handmade by expert artisans from across regions and is dedicated to preserving and nurturing age-old techniques and heritage. With an unbounded love for Indian art and culture, our approach to our work is not only to unceasingly sustain and revive the traditional crafts but at the same time blend the opposite ends of vintage and modern. Our endeavour is to make a product that connects with people.


Apart from working with the local artisans, printers, and weavers of India, we at Lotus Veda also have always tried to support and work with the local community and become a part of them. Engaging with NGOs & organisations supporting women with work have been a part of Lotus Veda work culture, providing them with fair wages, safe, hygienic, and comfortable environment. We feel very proud to say that we are a local home-grown brand with global relevance. Being a part of our immediate community is our biggest strength.


Lotus Veda have always believed in being a support to our environment and nature. We consciously work towards minimum wastage or zero wastage policy. Working with raw materials, fabrics, and accessories that are friendly to our environment, biodegradable, and ethically made with the minimum carbon footprint has been a regular practice. Lotus Veda labels are also made of pure cotton and price tags are of handmade recycled paper. The packing cloth bags are of 100% cotton recycled fabrics and no plastic is used for packaging.


We have always believed in mindful production and selling as we have limited collections launched with a small number of inventories to offer. We have always believed that rather than discarding old clothes, we need to put a value on them and treat them as a treasure. This is where we believe in seasonless collections and all our silhouettes and the fabric used are inspired to be classic and can be worn at any time of our lives. We as a homegrown brand are making strides towards incorporating sustainable practices in the manufacturing and sourcing of our products. The majority of our product line is achieved through ecologically sensitive practices, taking into consideration both raw materials and the manufacturing process.


The subject of sizing has been one of the important aspects of the fashion industry. Being a part of this industry we believe in creating clothing that can be worn by anyone and everyone without feeling conscious about their body. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable in what they are wearing. We make all our garments from XS to 4XL at no extra cost.


Our team is one-hundred-percent dedicated to supporting slow and sustainable growth, creating a sensitive awareness of handlooms and hand-printed textiles and have always believed in being a support to our environment and nature. We believe in conscious designs and hence have a range of timeless and classic silhouettes to further promote the value of handmade & skilled craftsmanship. We are a team of 20 young and creative members. Our textiles are designed by us, which are hand-woven and hand-printed in different regions of India. Later all our garments are carefully stitched by our karigar’s in our studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Lotus Veda is a textile brand started by Chetan Daruka, years back. It was always an inspiration to be working around handcrafted textiles, to be pulled towards real craft, real people, and real work despite all the temptations of the commercial world. Finding inspiration in his father's textile shop, his knowledge and interest in Indian textiles started growing eventually. He knew that his brand's identity lay in his own roots. Travelled to various clusters of India which formed important experience for him to understand their textile vocabulary hence leaving him fascinated and curious for more. With no formal education in textile & fashion design, he started interacting with weavers and artisans and left no opportunity to spend time with them and see them working with beautiful textiles and techniques. This is how he learned the craft. After being a learner for almost 10 years and still being a learner, he started Lotus Veda textiles in 2011 and Lotus Veda clothing in 2020 to bring the beautiful handmade textiles of India together.

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