About us


Apart from working with the local artisans, printers and weavers of India, we at Lotus Veda also have always tried to support and work with the local community and become a part of them. We engage with a lot of NGO’s & trusts to connect with the locals and try providing them with work. We have been working with organisations engaged in giving work to the local women. We try to engage them by getting the handwork done on our products. We make sure that these women working for us are paid fair wages and are working in a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment.We feel very proud to say that we are a local home-grown brand with the global relevance. We are a part of our immediate community and that’s our biggest strength.

Green Initiative

We have always believed in mindful production and selling as we have limited collections launched with a small number of inventories to offer. We have always believed that rather than discarding the old clothes, we need to put value to them and treat them as a treasure. This is where we believe in seasonless collections and all our silhouettes and the fabric used are inspired to be classic and can be worn at any time of our lives. We as a homegrown brand are making strides towards incorporating sustainable practices in the manufacturing and sourcing of our products. The majority of our product line is achieved through ecologically sensitive practices, taking into consideration both raw materials and the manufacturing process.

Size Inclusivity

The subject of sizing has been one of the important aspect of fashion industry. Being a part of this industry we believe in creating clothing which can be worn by anyone and everyone without feeling conscious about their body. Our aim is to create a conscious environment where people feel comfortable in what they are wearing. We make all our garments from XS to 4XL at no extra cost