Lotus Veda family is not only the team of beautiful people who are  working together in our studio but extended to all our  artisans ,weavers , printers, suppliers, craftswomen, karigars  franchise partners and all our customers we work with.

We try taking care of everyone and each other. We make sure everyone is respected and has a voice in the system. Any decision taken is on a democratic platform and everyone is free to suggest. We make sure everyone who is a part of us is growing organically and adding some value to their lives.

We all are socially responsible with the same vision and clarity and we make sure that we are a positive happy bunch of inspired, responsible caring generation which finally reflects in our product and at our stores.

We dream to build a community and is already in process of building one with the similar believe systems  who will be looking after the well-being of more such local tribe who are part of us. Lotus Veda family is all about spreading love, prosperity, peace, respect, confidence and support and that’s what Lotus Veda believes being fashionable is all about.

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