Lotus Veda is all about handmade fabrics, home textiles, and sustainable clothing. The brand focuses on textile development and takes great pride in marrying traditional and modern sensibilities while upholding the highest ethical & environmental standards.

The textiles we develop at Lotus Veda is an expression of the diverse Indian culture through colours, designs, and craftsmanship. It is with great pleasure that we work with handloom and handcrafted textiles in many parts of India. It allows for innovation and experimentation on a very intuitive and personal level. Each piece is handmade by expert artisans from across regions and is dedicated to preserving and nurturing age-old techniques and heritage. With an unbounded love for Indian art and culture, our approach to our work is not only to unceasingly sustain and revive the traditional crafts but at the same time blend the opposite ends of vintage and modern.Our endeavour is to make a product that connects with people.