We at Lotus Veda have always believed in being a support to our environment and nature. We consciously work towards minimum wastage or zero wastage policy. We work with raw materials, fabrics and accessories which are friendly to our environment, biodegradable and ethically made with the minimum carbon footprint.

We use all our leftover fabrics to make products, even a small piece of leftover cloth is used to make ribbons to tie up the fabric we sell.  Any fabric which has got rejected because of product quality issues is also not thrown away as waste and is recycled by reprinting on it or creating a new surface texture on it. 

The Lotus Veda labels are also made of pure cotton and price tags are of handmade recycled paper. The packing cloth bags are of 100% cotton recycled fabrics and no plastic is used for packaging.

We have always believed in mindful production and selling and we have limited collections launched with a minimum number of inventories to offer. We have always believed that rather than discarding old clothes, we need to put a value on them and treat them as treasures. This is where we believe in trans-seasonal collection and all our silhouettes and the fabric used are inspired to be classic and can be worn at any time of our lives.

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