The brand focuses on textile development and takes great pride in marrying traditional and modern sensibilities while upholding the highest ethical & environmental standards.

 Lotus Veda comes alive through master weavers and artisans across India. We mix yarns to create new textures for new textiles that symbolize unity in the diversity of Indian crafts. We carry signature yarns from one region to another region and mix them with their local yarns to create new textures and fabrics. Similarly, we hand print or process different fabrics in different local techniques. It's like concocting what we call textile recipes.

 A year ago, we ventured into a clothing line. The only struggle was to choose one textile over another for our garments, as we were fortunate enough to develop myriad handmade textiles, where each piece was our favorite. Since we were mixing yarns and techniques to develop fabrics, we decided to mix fabrics from across regions to craft our garments. Hence in any of our collections, it's not just one fabric, technique, or region that creates a new narrative, rather it's a combination of these that come together as a single collection.

Designs used

A large part of our inspiration for our designs is drawn from the age-old Indian stories that often serve as a guide to our life: a reflection of ourselves. It incorporates the effortless style of the locals with ease. Our designs are practical but never ordinary, and we consciously do not define our garments. We embrace fluid silhouettes, avoid excess ornamentation, and truly believe that less is more. Each piece in our collection is crafted to give utmost importance to the comfort of the wearer, offering a classic and easy dressing. Being simple is most beautiful and luxurious and that is where we at Lotus Veda have tried in our own way to bring comfortable designs. We strongly believe in buying less and so we try to make every piece classic and timeless which we all can cherish and make it last.

Our approach to our work is to sustain and revive the traditional craft but at the same time blend the opposite ends of vintage and modern sensibilities.

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