We do take bulk/wholesale orders on fabrics,home & clothing.

- We have been making hand-woven and hand-printed fabrics for a few beautiful Indian & Global brands that come with the same philosophy as us.
- All our fabric, home & clothing are made very carefully with a lots of love and impeccable quality.
- We ship globally.
- The people involved in the production are well taken care of. We make sure they work in a healthy and safe environment and are paid fair wages.

Ordering in Bulk

There is a separate minimum order quantity required for different kinds of fabrics or garments you want to order. Please write to us at connect@lotusveda.in with the below information to know more.

Designs you are interested in on the website or any other design you want to develop.
- Colour-ways, fabric type, and sizes.
- We ship globally.
- The quantity you would like to order per colour per design.
- Shipping address for the delivery.
- Expected date when you would like the delivery to be.
- Your store/website address and Instagram details.
- Brief about your company.

Our design services

We work with artisans and weavers across India and have been developing handmade fabrics. We develop prints and weaves as per your requirements.

Process of development for fabrics

- We can design and develop prints and weaves for you as per your brief.
- We can also make fabrics if you have your developed designs.
- We can develop colorways in our existing designs as per your requirements.
- We won’t be able to redevelop or plagiarize any design from any other brand.

Process of development for clothing and home

- If you wish to change the measurements, we will be able to custom make it according to your requirements.
- You can also select a different fabric from our fabric directory to make any style that we have.
- If you have any silhouette that you want to develop in our fabrics, we can do that.


How long does it take to manufacture the bulk/wholesale order?

Depending on the quantity, it generally takes one to two months.

Do you accept domestic bulk orders?

Yes, we do.

Do you accept international bulk orders?

Yes, we do.

Do you accept domestic bulk orders?

Yes, we do.

Do you send fabric samples?

We will be happy to send samples at a cost.

Do you send garment samples?

Yes we do send samples at a cost.

Can you make the order, according to our required measurements and design?

Yes we can customize your order.

Can I bulk order styles/ fabrics that are out of stock?

We can reproduce the designs which are out of stock on order basis.

Can I return my bulk order?

We do not accept returns/exchanges for any bulk order.